In 48 hours, the WALL is coming online, and I’ll be leaving my family behind forever. Feels strange to say that. Now that the activation of the WALL is close at hand, there’s something strange in the air at home. My father’s never around, he keeps saying he’s got important decisions to make.

Today, for the first time in my life… I WAS AFRAID OF DYING.

Alberto wasn’t there when I came out of school. For a split-second I felt the urge to run, to get out. Not to go home…to disappear. I realized I’M NOT READY FOR WHATEVER AWAITS US

We waited in the forest until daybreak: showing up at the gate in the dead of night would have been too suspicious. In the long silence of the night, knowing that the guards were just a couple hundred meters from us, filled us with a MIX OF FEAR AND EXCITEMENT that we’d never felt before.