There’s a garage out there where motorcycles turn ugly and mean. Where a scratch isn’t a flaw but a signature, where welding marks aren’t imperfections but a sign of strength. A place where the metal mechanics are authentic, rough, and don’t hide behind plastic and paint.

This garage goes by the name Quattrobulloni, and Rabbia by Luca Brambilla is its most recent creation. It’s a special edition that was built off of a 1991 Ducati 900 SS chassis. Its engine, cycle mechanisms and aesthetics have been modified to be the full expression of Quattrobulloni’s style: a little grace and a lot of substance, with a rough and tough look, an ear-splitting rumble and all the power you’ll ever need.

Rabbia definitely won’t go unnoticed, but it’s also brought some concrete results home. It recently won first place in the Zenith Sprint Race at The Reunion motorcycle gathering, the most important special motorcycle competition in Italy. And thanks to Rabbia, Quattrobulloni has received the Pakelo Award 2018 for emerging trainer.