Brandon Tv is a platform that tells stories about a new generation of heroes: ordinary young people, at a first glance, who turn into superheroes not just because of a magic power but thanks to a complex and adventurous path that make them grow and become adults.

In a world where every minute we are buried by lies, that generate hatred and violence, we show our new heroes without masks, with flaws and weaknesses, like us. We don’t need to see people who know how to behave correctly all the time and always make the morally correct decision. We prefer to dig up to see what’s behind our super heroes actions, to discover what’s moving them.
Love, revenge, freedom. Or any other value worth fighting for.

We love our new heroes because they make us feel better about those lies we told and those mistakes we made. We love our new heroes because they’re flawed like we are. But they’re also strong and determined, not letting anything get in their ways, which usually is what leads them to take questionable decisions. But while their actions may be questionable, their motives are always pure.

And in all this imperfection, our new generation of heroes are so f***in’ special!

Brandon Tv is powered by Brandon Box, an Italian media company focused on the creation of comics oriented products: web-series, movies and tv series, within a narrative universe that starts from the digital world, passes through the paper (books, comics) and arrives at the cinema.

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